Redefining childcare.

About Sprout

Childcare is an industry in need of change. It’s too expensive and finding appropriate, accessible care is nearly impossible. The average cost of childcare in Melbourne is in excess of $120 per day. A lot of money for many families looking to go back to work. Sprout is bringing Daycare into the 21st century. They match a network of qualified carers to parents looking for high quality and convenient care. Carers and parents communicate, handle paperwork, and make payments all through a mobile app.

My focus

My Role at as lead design, was to establish a brand and build the first iteration of the app. This meant building a memorable and exciting brand that resonates with the market. The app would need to be built quickly, and help solve a key problem in the market.

Interviews and more interviews.

With Impos we utilised over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry to help with some decisions for our product. We had no such luxury when building Sprouts new app, so listening to our customers was even more important. We decided to focus on the carer part of the app first. Carers spoke to us again and again about how caring for children was only a small percentage of their time, and a lot of it was taken up by the mountains of paperwork they had to complete. Specifically timesheets, which were still handwritten, very confusing and difficult to communicate. We saw this as a real problem that needed fixing

All you need is time

With a problem in mind we started work on fixing it. Utilising UX best practices and solid design patterns including swipe to clear. We built a consistent simple process that tested well with users. Prototyping was at the forefront of the process as well as rapid iteration of the final product. We have many other problems to solve in the space, but the Sprout app is now in a position to continually iterate and build on as we move to the next phases