Something fresh.

About Impos

Impos is a busy company. Not only are they building a new cloud based point of sale system and just gone through complete business rebrand, but they also continue to support their flagship system for hundreds of the top restaurants and bars throughout Australia. They are adapting to the massive change in the industry, brought on by a move to the cloud, the rise of tablets and increased competition from large companies like Square and Vend. It really is a case of adapt or die for Impos.

My focus

My Role at Impos was Lead UX/UI Designer. Taking the new product from initial research and concept through to full design, whilst getting continuing feedback from our beta users and iterating on those changes. In addition to that I lead the rebrand of Impos. Bringing a more modern, and existing vision that our customers loved. This included not just the basic branding, brand voice and style guides but I also a new website.

It starts with the users

Point of sale systems are hard. Our users want to run their business there way, we had to be mindful of that whilst also building simple systems that anyone can use. That trade off between simplicity and customisability was always on my mind. Conducting interviews with stakeholders, the existing team and of course the users themselves was a great start. Really understanding what they needed to run their businesses successfully. Some didn't agree but slowly we began to build a picture of pressure points our users had and a deeper understanding of problems was revealed. These user interviews would also became a basis of our user personas. Ones we constantly looked to when making decisions that would affect our users.

Wireframe & Prototyping

Once a problem has been scoped I start looking at how I can go about solving them. This starts with sketching and collaboration. Designers shouldn't hide away. I like to work with as many different people, discussing and questioning my decisions. This I think ultimately breeds better design.

I'm also a big believer in getting a product real as quickly as possible. Prototyping can go far in this process. In fact I only see wireframes as an aid to build prototypes. It's only when you see users using your product, clicking, moving around, getting stuck and asking questions that the real issues become apparent.

Icing on the cake

Bringing the product together and making it delightful was always important for me. Who said a point of sale system can't be fun to use? Adding in subtle animations throughout the product, fun language and iconography all helped to create a B to B product that wasn't the norm.

A new brand

Working with teams across the whole business I developed and built a new branding system for Impos. Helping a smooth transition from old to new, the new brand has been a hit throughout the industry as it continues to develop.